Home Remodel or Home Renovation: Which Do You Need?

Taking your home to the next level often requires some cosmetic changes to make your home the best it can be. When changing your home, you generally have two options: a custom home remodel or a custom home renovation.

While many people think remodels and renovations are the same, key differences between the two processes must be understood to determine which is best for your home. But what makes home remodeling different from renovations, and how can you decide which option best suits your needs? Read more to learn everything you need about luxury home remodeling and renovations.

What is a Custom Home Remodel?

A custom home remodel is a process that changes the existing form of a structure – for instance, adding a new sink to your current kitchen. This process also includes additions to your home, like new rooms, and tasks like relocating your home’s electrical infrastructure.

Remodeling alters the structure or design of your home. It often completely adjusts how an existing structure is used and its core functionality. In almost every remodeling case, you’ll need to obtain specific permits to conduct the remodeling process or work with authorities to receive approval on your remodeling plans.

Examples of home remodeling projects include the following:

  • Adding a sunroom to your home
  • Building a new deck
  • Removing walls to create a new floor layout
  • Adding heating and air conditioning to a property
  • Converting unfinished spaces into finished spaces

What is a Custom Home Renovation?

Renovations are all about enhancing the properties your home already has rather than including new additions to your home. A custom home renovation differs from remodeling because renovations focus on improving existing structures instead of adding new ones. Renovations involve the restoration process to fix old, out-of-date structures that cause your home to function improperly.

Renovations generally don’t require a permit and are more DIY-friendly, as many renovation projects are as simple as a new coat of paint. Because of this, many people don’t hire contractors for home renovations – however, to ensure the success of any renovation project, working with a contractor is ideal, as a professional can ensure everything goes smoothly and operates correctly.

Examples of home renovation projects include the following:

  • Painting walls
  • Refinishing floors
  • Updating current electrical or plumbing fixtures
  • Adding trim
  • Updating existing heating and air conditioning systems
  • Cabinet refacing

Why Should I Choose a Custom Home Remodel?

Luxury home remodeling can be costly – but working with contractors for home remodeling is often the best option to improve your home tenfold. Below are some advantages of choosing a custom home remodel over a home renovation project.

Remodeling Increases Your Home’s Functionality

One of the main benefits of hiring contractors for home remodeling is that the remodeling process increases your home’s functionality. Rather than focusing on existing structures, remodeling takes your home to the next level, adding new structures that provide crucial functionality to your home.

Whether you need new storage options, are itching to add a sunroom to your home, or simply want to add a new, fancy shower to your bathroom, a remodeling professional can completely transform what your home is capable of.

Remodeling Provides Greater Customization

While a custom home renovation is beneficial because it improves your home’s current structures, it doesn’t allow you to customize and personalize your space as remodeling does. A custom home remodel allows you to personalize your living space to meet the specific needs and aesthetics you have in mind.

With remodeling, you aren’t just adding a new coat of paint to breathe new life into a room – you’re going above and beyond to transform your property into something new and create the home of your dreams.

Remodeling Increases Your Home’s Value

Though both remodeling and renovating have benefits to increase your overall property value, remodeling is particularly beneficial. By adding new and improved structures to your home, remodeling allows you to enhance your property’s aesthetics and functionality – something crucial if you consider selling your home in the future. A new sunroof, upgraded stainless steel appliances, and other remodeling processes go a long way toward boosting a property’s value.

Remodeling Offers Enhanced Flexibility

Luxury home remodeling is far more flexible than a home renovation. While renovations are essential for many who want to maintain the same home structure, a remodeling project gives more flexibility to craft the home you want to see. The scale and scope of alterations you make when remodeling your home can’t be beat, and if your goal is to completely transform your home, a custom home remodel should be your top option.

Remodeling Can Enhance Your Lifestyle

For many people, lifestyle changes are constantly in motion. The remodeling flexibility can enhance your current lifestyle and meet shifting needs as you navigate life, such as providing additional rooms to accommodate a growing family or a brand new office to accommodate changes in your work life. No matter the requirements you have for your home, you can achieve your goals through remodeling more than you can with renovations.

Remodeling Modernizes Your Home

Creating an aesthetically pleasing and functional property requires modernizing your property. Remodeling is the easiest way to modernize your home, from providing you with new and improved structures and eliminating outdated systems to enhancing your home’s aesthetic to create a space that appeals to modern sensibilities.

Why Should I Choose a Custom Home Renovation?

There are many benefits to a custom home remodel project – however, remodeling might not be for you in certain cases. Consider the following benefits if you’re thinking about a home renovation over remodeling.

Renovations are More Affordable

Hiring contractors for home renovations is generally more affordable than hiring a team to complete home remodeling projects. Because renovations focus on improving existing structures, they don’t incur hefty costs like remodeling projects, which create entirely new structures, do. Renovations might be more suitable than a total remodeling project if your home only requires small changes to maintain functionality.

Renovations Preserve a Home’s Character

If your home has a unique, compelling charm you want to keep intact, renovations are likely a more suitable option than remodeling. Renovations don’t alter a home’s aesthetics and character, and contractors for home renovations will work hard to preserve your home’s natural beauty and make minor cosmetic improvements.

Preserving your home’s character is especially important for historical properties that have been standing for generations. Your home might already have everything it needs to be the best version of itself – and if that’s the case, renovations are for you.

Renovations Cause Minimal Disruptions

Remodeling projects can completely transform your home – but they often cause significant disruptions to your daily life until the remodeling project is complete. Renovations are preferable to some homeowners because they’re less complex than remodeling projects and cause less disturbances. These projects typically require less demolition and destruction of your existing property, allowing you to maintain life as usual while your renovation project is in motion.

Renovations Have a Shorter Timeline

Depending on the scope of your project needs, a renovation can be far more time-saving than remodeling. Given the extent of a custom home remodeling project, remodeling can take a long time to complete – especially if you’re adding completely new structures and rooms to your home.

A custom home renovation project focuses on smaller cosmetic changes that contractors can complete efficiently, meaning a shorter project timeline and more time to enjoy your upgraded home. If you aren’t too concerned about major changes and only need a few minor alterations, renovations might be for you.

Renovations Might be Allowed When Remodeling Projects Aren’t

Many historic homes don’t allow remodeling projects because these projects take away from the property’s value. If your home is on the National Register of Historic Places or you’re considering buying a home on this registry, remodeling won’t be an option, as the goal is to keep the property as similar to its original form as possible – something only renovations can accomplish.

Renovations May Have Less Environmental Impact

Given the scale of many remodeling projects, the environmental impact of a custom home remodel might be more significant than that of a home renovation. Renovations generally involve less waste and a smaller environmental footprint than remodeling projects where entire home structures are altered and require significant demolition.

Get Custom Home Remodeling and Renovation Services From Woodcrest

A custom home remodel has numerous benefits, but custom home renovations also have unique advantages that make them more suitable for your home. Remodeling involves the addition of new and improved structures to your current home, while renovations entail improving the structures your home already has.

Whether you choose a standard home renovation or prefer luxury home remodeling, you’ll find the services you need with Woodcrest. Woodcrest is the top provider of luxury home remodeling and renovation services that can transform your property and elevate your lifestyle. When you choose Woodcrest, you’re guaranteed a service that prioritizes your lifestyle and a team that works to meet all of your living needs.

Remodeling and renovations don’t have to be complicated. Connect with Woodcrest today to have all of your remodeling and renovation needs met!

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