Design & Interiors

What sets Woodcrest apart is our ability to offer a complete package. Our Design & Interior services are woven into our broader offerings of custom remodel services. Each project is a deep dive into your personal aesthetic, brought to life by our team’s expertise.

Our specializations:

Space Planning
We optimize each room for flow and function, ensuring harmonious proportions and a seamless integration of design elements throughout your space.
Material & Finish Selection
Guided by your vision, we handpick high-quality materials and finishes, sourcing globally yet focusing on uniqueness, ensuring your space stands out with authenticity and elegance.
Custom Furnishings
From artisan-crafted furniture to tailor-made upholstery and drapery, our designs ensure a fit that is uniquely yours, both in form and function.
Art & Accessory Curation
Every detail matters. We meticulously select and place artwork, artifacts, and accessories that resonate with your story and elevate your interiors.
3D Visualization
Before execution, we offer immersive 3D visuals, ensuring you can envision, iterate, and approve designs with full confidence.

Let’s create, build, and celebrate together.


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  • Design & Interiors